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With the widespread contamination of virus, bacteria, fungus and mold, the need for sanitation services for a multitude of industries have become increasingly vital now more than ever.

MESS offers high level disinfection services, specializing in end-use fogging application on all types of surfaces for advanced decontamination. Our services ensure thorough disinfection for both high-contact and low-contact areas, effectively preventing recontamination, and setting to improve the quality of life for the general population.

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About Us

MESS is an earth friendly environmental company focused on public health and sustainability. Our vision is to help everyone make the best ecological responsible decisions and lifestyle choices, which will help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for the current and future generations. We work with likeminded companies that manufacturer cutting-edge technology that are Green Seal TM certified that deliver a simpler, healthier and more sustainable way to clean.

Disinfection Service

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On-Site Generation

Availability – Add water, electricity and salt, and we are able to make disinfectant and cleaner on-demand

Flexibility – Make only what you need of 6 different products to clean and disinfect your facility

Sustainability – Reuse of every spray bottle. Reduction in incoming shipment of products – less cost and shipping materials


Even Application – Allows the HOCL to wrap around & evenly coat all surfaces for a more complete clean, bonds like a magnet.

Efficiency – Surfaces already covered will repel the spray, making it extremely efficient.

Safety – Safe for all office electronics and does not require covering monitors or computers.


Quality Control Software – Auditing/Inspections, 100% contract compliance.

Tracking & Reporting – NFC employee task tracking, dashboard reporting, cloud-based.

Other Features – Work order management, Inventory management, Customer feedback